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Frank is great to work with. He has a very unique set of capabilities. The two strongest ones are: 1. high technical competence and 2. high level of interpersonal skills. He is a great asset to any team undergoing change and growth.

Rainer Witzgall
CEO and Founder, adyton


I had the pleasure to work almost 10 years with Frank. In that time Frank had a couple of different roles that he all ran very successfully and with a lot of commitment and ownership. While I am very thankful for all the work that Frank did to bring our products forward, I am even more thrilled by Frank’s ability to build great relationships to his customers, peers and colleagues; he is very much getting involved with his fellow men and that sets a great basis for short and long term success.

Martin Stecher
VP Software Development, McAfee


I have worked with Frank over many years and in a number of different companies. Frank has always been a very reliable colleague. He is always happy to go out of his way to help win business. His technical knowledge together with his excellent work ethic made him a dependable colleague and now a good friend. I have no hesitation recommending Frank.

Mark Frost
Account Manager, Palo Alto Networks


Frank is one of the best Product Directors in the industry. Frank combines deep technical knowledge with the ability to map business requirements to product features. Franks acute awareness and vision of the Web Security arena, and its requirements allows us to continue to have the best Web Gateway security products in the industry – leading the way in the Web Security arena. Frank constantly delivers for my customers, is a massive asset to any meeting, and is someone to deliver on commitments to my customers. Frank is a huge asset to Secure Computing, and is well liked throughout the organization, and by customers. I recommend Frank without hesitation, it continues to be a pleasure working with him.

Jon Paterson
Manager – Advanced Technologies Group and Lead Architect, McAfee


Frank has a depth and breath of experience and knowledge in the enterprise security space that exceeds anyone I know. By working closely with customers and developers he bridges that unfathomable gap with charm and efficiency. His ability to quickly translate customer needs into product in complex, rapidly evolving markets makes him an invaluable member of the Secure Computing thought leadership team.

Oliver Braekow
Product Manager NG Firewall, Barracuda Networks