Product Management

Product Management as a Service could be best described as the art of matching product features with customer expectations. What makes this discipline a real magic is that in almost all cases the people who create products are not connected to those who are using the products. With different layers of communication in between, and the lack of a common language, terminology, experience and view points, failure in producing what really thrills customers is far more common than most people think. Many organizations are able to get close to a decent match, but far more often than not, there is a noticable gap.

Our ability to bridge that gap, translating customer expectations into technical language, is a unique value. We can offer support along the entire life cycle, from defining the overall vision for a product or service, doing market research, to building a specific detailed list of requirements, documenting a roadmap and more.

This benefits startups and small organizations, that want to ensure they’re on the right track to meeting customer expectations. It also benefits larger organizations to gain an outside expert view on where the product/service stands and where it should go from there.

We are Pragmatic Marketing certified.