Mergers & Acquisitions

We focus on two Mergers & Acquisitions related areas:

First, prior to actually closing a merger or acquisition, a deep technical due diligence is required to prevent expensive surprises. Due to it’s secretive nature, most often a technical due diligence isn’t performed well enough. There are natural limitations. Sometimes the timing doesn’t allow for a deeper analyses, or you cannot assign the task to the people who’d be best equipped to perform this task. What we offer is a fast, intensive and confidential due diligence of technology and product roadmaps.

Second, the most under-valued part – the post closing integration. Almost all of the mergers and acquisitions we’ve seen unveiled a dramatic lack of attention, once the deal was closed. Day to day business continues, and focus shifts on to other projects. It’s also very difficult to care both about doing a deal, and then integrating the two companies afterwards. Proper project management, moderation of integration tasks and coaching of inter-cultural teams is key to a successful merger or acquisition.

Our unique skill set and communication skills allow us to provide both services. Pre-acquisition technical due-diligence and post-acquisition integration.