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IT Consulting


We are specialized in outsourcing services and consulting related to the customer/development relationship. Our key strength is the unique combination of highly developed communication/inter-personal skills with a deep technical understanding and knowledge. This allows us to bridge the gap between technical departments and sales/customers and vice versa.

Combined with strong skills in the methodology and tools, and many years of experience in a variety of environments, we offer  services in the following areas:

  • Product Management as a Service
  • Product Marketing as a Service
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

In each of those disciplines we apply a unique set of skills and experience.

Product Management

Product Management as a Service could be best described as the art of matching product features with customer expectations. What makes this discipline a real magic is that in almost all cases the people who create products are not connected to those who are using the products. With different layers of communication in between, and the lack of a common language, terminology, experience and view points, failure in producing what really thrills customers is far more common than most people think. Many organizations are able to get close to a decent match, but far more often than not, there is a noticable gap.

Our ability to bridge that gap, translating customer expectations into technical language, is a unique value. We can offer support along the entire life cycle, from defining the overall vision for a product or service, doing market research, to building a specific detailed list of requirements, documenting a roadmap and more.

This benefits startups and small organizations, that want to ensure they’re on the right track to meeting customer expectations. It also benefits larger organizations to gain an outside expert view on where the product/service stands and where it should go from there.

We are Pragmatic Marketing certified.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing as a Service can be defined as an attempt to translate a technical description of a product into something customers would find intriguing. Most often so, the results surprise the technical departments, while customers are trying to figure out what was meant to explain.

What we bring to the table is a very unique ability to truly understand technical people, get to the core of what a feature description really means for a customer – coupled with the ability to describe things in a language customers understand. The key benefit of our service is to produce material that is meaningful, relevant and of the highest quality. For some aspects of our work we sub-contract designers with exceptional taste, and solid graphics design skills.

Business Development

We focus on two Mergers & Acquisitions related areas:

First, prior to actually closing a merger or acquisition, a deep technical due diligence is required to prevent expensive surprises. Due to it’s secretive nature, most often a technical due diligence isn’t performed well enough. There are natural limitations. Sometimes the timing doesn’t allow for a deeper analyses, or you cannot assign the task to the people who’d be best equipped to perform this task. What we offer is a fast, intensive and confidential due diligence of technology and product roadmaps.

Second, the most under-valued part – the post closing integration. Almost all of the mergers and acquisitions we’ve seen unveiled a dramatic lack of attention, once the deal was closed. Day to day business continues, and focus shifts on to other projects. It’s also very difficult to care both about doing a deal, and then integrating the two companies afterwards. Proper project management, moderation of integration tasks and coaching of inter-cultural teams is key to a successful merger or acquisition.

Our unique skill set and communication skills allow us to provide both services. Pre-acquisition technical due-diligence and post-acquisition integration.

IT Service


With more than 20 years experience in IT Services, support jobs with large vendors in the IT industry, we are the ideal partner for your problems with:

  • PC and Mac
  • Tablets and Smartphones
  • Microsoft Office
  • IT Security
  • DSL

We are helping with the selection and purchase of the optimal products; with the installation, initial setup and on-going support. We are offering training for the migration to a new platform or technology.

We are not bound by partner contracts, our advice is vendor-neutral.



We provide Web Design services to help you build great Web sites.

Building a Web site is about users first. Who is visiting the site, and what are they looking for. This is the baseline for the design. Technology is second, and oriented on the visitors’ needs, not what is technologically doable.

Contracting good designers, people with taste is equally important. Just like everything else that’s customer facing, we really value what we present and how we do it, and apply that passion to our projects.

We also provide outsourced content management for small to medium sized Web sites, using a variety of Content Management tools. Specifically we support sites built with Contao, Typo3 and WordPress.