Often times in my life people had looked at me as the go to person for ideas. Product ideas. Market trends. Reading the future. A big part in this is the process of creativity. It’s easy to keep improving on something. You can ask customers. And they’ll tell you what they are missing in your product. Analysts will tell you what other vendors are doing. But in order to figure out something that’s really innovative, a different kind of approach is needed. What I can say is that I truly loved it when I worked in a team, and was able to inspire creativity in a way that resulted in true innovation. Driving a rapid market change. Driving features that were truly unique.

The process behind is beautifully described by John Cleese. If you have about 10 minutes to spare, this is so worth the time. What it, and you’ll understand a lot about creativity. And you’ll understand a great deal of how I’m wired.