Clarity to me is a laser sharp focus on what’s really important.

I’ve seen a lot of companies in my career who have great talent to build fantastic software. However, in many cases there is a significant disconnect between technology and outbound communication – as well as vice versa. This applies to many areas, including support, training, marketing, public relations – what I found in many cases simply because people with very different attributes, or talent, are working together, and it often appears far more difficult to bridge the gap left by different language, different ways to express things, and often simply different levels of understanding of technology vs. customer needs.

I’ve come to view this capability as a key strength – bridging the gap, being able to listen very carefully, asking the right questions to extract what’s relevant, and then translating it into meaningful, interesting and appealing material, whether it’s web content, PowerPoint slides, various forms of collateral and other forms of communication.